Access Control Systems
Security Cameras
We install hardwired and wireless systems.  If you have a business you need protected, and want to know when your employees are accessing the building, then we can handle that.  We also install systems in new construction or existing homes.  We monitor our systems to provide police and fire protection.
We can install and maintain your CCTV system.  With digital recording, the system  virtually takes care of itself until you need the video.  You can know that it is watching the areas that you can't, and that if something happens the video will be there for you.  Exterior or interior, residential or commercial, we have a system that will work for you. 
Security Alarms
Access Control can be as simple as a locked door with one key, but it can be combined with technology to provide a monitored system providing schedules and access levels to limit authorization.  It can be useful for auditing and loss prevention.  Whatever your need is, we can develop a system that works perfectly for your situation, providing the security you need with the budget you have to work with.
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