Medeco High Security

     Medeco high security locks give you the ability of having a secured key. The keys are protected by a patent, and there is no unauthorized duplication of keys. Unlike standard keys, the Medeco key gives you the ability of knowing how many keys you have for a given lock. The keys can only be duplicated at Shorty Wallin Lock & Security, and will only be duplicated for the persons that you have previously authorized. Furthermore, the keys are all stamped with an ID number and quantity number, so that you can keep track of who has your keys. The power of who can have a key is put in your hands. With routine audits you can virtually eliminate the need for re-keying locks to maintain security.
     Medeco makes retrofit cylinders to fit most locks on the market which eliminates the need to replace all hardware when upgrading to a high security system. Along with secured keys, the Medeco high security cylinders also have features which make them virtually pick proof and drill resistant. Medeco also makes one of the most secure deadbolts in the industry, implementing all of the security features built into the cylinder as well as a stronger bolt, strike plate, and drill resistant steel screws.
Keymark X4 was introduced as a next generation to Medeco Keymark. Along with patented secured keyways, it introduced the use of a slider and locking pin which added more security to the cylinder against picking and bump keys. It was introduced to provide a secure solution for the SFIC (small format interchangeable core) market which is used almost predominately in large commercial, educational, and government facilities. Along with the SFIC format cylinders, Keymark X4 also provides traditional cylinder types such as KIK, mortise, and rim to expand the capability of the system. By making many cylinder types available, Keymark X4 eliminates the need to replace existing hardware when switching to this system.
Medeco m3 cylinders provide security that standard cylinders do not by incorporating a patented secured keyway and features built into the cylinder to protect against picking, bump keys, and drilling.

Pick & Bump Attack Resistance
Pick resistance and bump attack resistance is gained by pins that must not only be elevated to the correct height, but must also be rotated to work in conjunction with a sidebar. The sidebar also must align with a slider mechanism in order for the cylinder to turn.

Drilling Resistance
Drill resistance is accomplished by hardened steel inserts in the cylinder face as well as inserts in the sidebar and bottom pins.
Unauthorized Duplication
Duplication is protected by restriction of the patented key blanks to authorized dealers, and the use of special key machines to create the specific cuts on the keys which have very tight tolerances. Shorty Wallin Lock and Security is a DBK dealer with Medeco, which means that we are able to create and control the duplicates in our shop. This eliminates the need to have to wait for a key to be made in the factory. You gain the ability to obtain keys quickly without losing the protection of having a controlled keyway. We take your security very seriously, and have standards in place to ensure that keys are only created for authorized persons. Furthermore, all duplicates have a record of when and for whom they were duplicated.
Medeco M3:
Medeco Keymark x4:
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