Shorty Wallin Lock and Security

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Enhance Your Security

Medeco High Security Cylinders
Restricted keys give you the benefit of key control that you don't have with standard keys. The cylinders are also protected against picking and bump keys.
Cellular Backup Monitoring
A land line telephone is the weakest link on an alarm system, but with cellular backup, the authorities are still notified if the phone line is cut.
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Locks and Door Hardware
Electronic Security
We specialize in commercial and residential lock hardware, commercial door hardware, and Medeco high security cylinders.
Card access, burglar alarms, security cameras, and intercoms combine to form a full electronic security network.
We specialize in mechanical and electronic safe locks, safe opening, and safe moving. We also service X-09 and cdx high security safe locks.
We are a full service locksmith and security company specializing in commercial, residential, and automotive locksmithing; commercial and residential security alarms; CCTV; access control systems; and safe sales, service, and moving.

All of our technicians are registered, insured, and bonded.
Meet Us
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